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3D animation is a set of animated 3D pictures that provide visual storytelling that gives viewer more immersive and detailed overview of your project.
In comparison to static 3D images, animation gives you the ability to show your project in full motion and immersion. Your project will come to live in the viewer's mind in a more immerse, dynamic and effective way, creating this wonderful "aha"-experience.
3D animation can provide you with essential information needed for completion of your project, before the actual project is started. Additionally, it may enable vital feedback from clients, experts or regulators. 3D animation will show you how your project will look like in real life, invaluable in evaluating the justification of your project. This way you can make significant savings.
3D animation helps present your product in the best and unique way to differentiate you from competition and attract more buyers. With quality 3D animation investors can see and experience your product even before production and you can get feedback early in the process, potentially saving you a lot of money.
The investment for a 3D animation project will vary with complexity and length of your video. We need to understand exactly what you want to achieve, so we can draft a story line and calculate the cost of the project. So we always start with a good discussion on what you want to achieve, and then we calculate an offer.
We always start with your requirements. We offer our input to make sure you get the required business results. Based on this understanding, we provide you with a draft script for the animation. After a revision with you we agree on the script. That script will be used to produce visual storyboard. From that storyboard we will get a clear picture of what 3D models, scenes and animation we need to produce. For that we will also need all available references in regards to the project. As we develop your project we will provide you with test renders and test animation for your assessment and approval, so that you can get full insight into the project development until the final animation is delivered.
You need to provide us with all available references (CAD drawings, images, descriptions, etc.)
The process: First, we gather all available information and references from you or from other sources. After that we work on detailed description of the project itself; that could be either described in form of detailed estimate or in case of animations, script/storyboard. With that, we can make list of all 3D models we need to build for that project. Once we have it all listed, we start producing those models. If we are working on animation, we will also start to work on animations using place-holder models until final models are finished. When models and/or animations are set, we setup final scenes. After all of it approved by you, we begin producing final rendered images/animations. Last step is editing of images or video (in case of video that incudes adding sound, text and other elements). Once done, you will receive the final product, ready to use in your business.
Project time delivery depends on the scope and complexity of the project. A 90 second animation with normal complexity is around six weeks in production.
3D animation can be used in presentations, in meetings, at fairs, for online marketing, social websites, TV commercials and in sales pitches. It is also very effective in engaging your employees and stakeholders. It is highly impressive if you need a project approval.
You can visualize things that are difficult to explain. 3D animations help you bring your ideas and sentiments to people in a way where other means struggle to impress. You can describe complex products or services in a very interesting, entertaining and easy way. Think of our slogan: If you can think it, we can visualize it! So to optimize your benefit: Think outside the box and challenge your own imagination. Complete this sentence: What I really want to show is...
3D animation is made in three-dimensional space, which gives you better perception of depth when looking at 3D animation. 3D animations are better suited for productions of realistic representation of real life objects and scenes. 2D animations are usually hand drawn.
3D animation can be used in marketing to show products to buyers or to attract investors. It can be used to get approval for a project. You can also get vital feedback on your product or project, which can save a lot of money. All of this can be done before the project is started or the product is developed. Our clients are amazed when they see the benefits our work brings to them.

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