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3D visualization gives digital 3D representations of real life objects. The purpose is to provide a digital presentation of how that object will look like.
3D visualization can provide you with essential information needed for completion of your project, before the actual project is started. Additionally, it may enable vital feedback from clients, experts or regulators. 3D visualization will show you how your project will look like in real life. This is critical to your project success.
With quality 3D visualization you can get feedback early in the process, potentially saving you a lot of money. For many projects, having a good 3D visualization can provide invaluable marketing materials that can help you sell or promote your project even before it is launched. For example, investor can sell apartments to future homeowners, prior to even starting the actual construction.
You have to provide us with all available references (cad drawings, images, descriptions, etc.), and based on that, we will produce detailed and precise 3D models that we will then set in virtual scenes. Once we have set those virtual scenes, we will render out final quality images or animations that you can use.
The investment of 3D visualization varies a lot from project to project. For example, producing 3D visualization of huge modern house with simple, straight lines and minimalistic furniture, can be cheaper then small rustically house with all sorts of small details and decorations. The more details, the more time it takes to make it, and the price goes up. The best solution for you is to send us all available references, so that we can provide you with detailed estimate for your project.
In general, the price of 3D visualization depends on complexity of your project. But even the most expensive ones have significant return of investment. You should get it right the first time and don’t compromise on quality. There is a huge difference in customer perception between low quality 3D and a high quality. It will all reflect back on your project or your product.
All available reference materials that you have available; drawings, images, textual descriptions, 3D models, etc. There can't be too many references, so it's best to send us everything you have at hand.
The process: First, we gather all available information and references from you or from other sources. After that we work on detailed description of the project itself. That could be either described in form of detailed estimate or in case of animations, script/storyboard. With that, we can make a list of all 3D models we need to build for that project. Once we have it all listed, we start producing those models. If we are working on animation, we will also start to work on animations using placeholder models until final models are finished. When models and/or animations are done, we setup final scenes. After all of it approved by you, we begin producing final rendered images/animations. The last step is editing of images or video (in case of video that incudes adding sound, text and other elements). Once done, you will receive the final product, ready to use in your business.
Project delivery time depends on the scope and complexity of the project.
3D visualization can be used in presentations, in meetings, on fairs, for online marketing, social websites, TV commercials, brochures and display of capabilities.
3D visualization can be used in presentations, in meetings, on fairs, for online marketing, social websites, TV commercials, brochures and display of capabilities.
With 3D visualization you are flexible and only your imagination sets the limit. 3D visualization helps you bring your ideas to people in a better way than traditional descriptions. These are often insufficient to describe complex products in a very interesting, engaging and easy way.
3D visualization is used by many companies to impress potential buyers, convince investors or regulators, get feedback from customers, test design or specifications and to decide if a project should be launched or a product should be produced.

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